Sign the Petition

Rosanky area residents are united against the RWE/Big Star Solar development. What they see is a billion-dollar foreign utility corporation coming in to destroy their way of life, pushed onward by the City of Austin's utility service, Austin Energy. And if RWE is allowed their tax breaks by county commissioners and the school district, over 2,000 acres of land, thousands of trees, and untold species of wildlife will be destroyed. And lives will be altered forever.

The land hasn't changed all that much since Ed Rosanky arrived here in 1854. That's why people settled here after him, and they are prepared to fight for their peace and quiet. By signing our petition, you'll add your name to a growing list of folks who don't want to trade tax dollars and a speculation of increased tax valuation on a solar facility that has only generated more questions than answers, and continues to hide from adjacent landowners. This isn't a fight against solar power, this is a fight against corporate greed and corporate welfare.