Letters to the Editor

Printed in the Austin Chronicle, Nov. 11, 2020


"Few things make my pro-capitalism, pro-democracy head explode faster than watching elected officials approve a mechanism for concentrating public financial benefit into private corporate hands. At the top of the head-exploding list is the corporate welfare of Texas’ shameful Chapter 313 program."

"It’s hard to understand how Chapter 313 could be described as an economic development tool that brings investments and jobs to Texas, yet allows school districts to simply waive the jobs requirement."

A conservative commentary on big solar's money grab from taxpayers and the future of the industry based on political changes. NOTE: Author's name has been withheld due to privacy concerns.

"Texans are regularly expected to bear the burden of billions of dollars in corporate welfare to some of America’s wealthiest companies under the false premise that we’re all benefiting somehow.."


Commentary & Opinion

Various viewpoints on the solar industry and how it would affect Rosanky area residents.