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Chamber of Commerce

Feel free to visit, but don't move here.

The Rosanky Chamber of Commerce is here to promote the preservation of the country farms and woodlands in and around Rosanky in southern Bastrop County by opposing housing developments, rural gentrification, big-city utility projects, and those looking to make a buck off of our quiet, rural way of life.

Our motto: "If you move here for a little 'peace and quiet', you're simply ruining the peace and quiet of us already here."

If you're considering a move to our quiet area, don't be fooled by your realtor. They just want to make money off of your land sale, and they won't tell you the truth about the area. We REALLY don't want you here.

The city is a nice place. You should remain there.

Here's a couple of things to do if you are thinking of moving here:

1. Camp on your property for a night. Hear any gunshots? Loud music? Trains? Coyotes? Well, this is the country, and if you're offended by any of those sounds, you might want to reconsider building here. 

2. Take a look at your neighbors. Chances are, they're here because they like peace and quiet. They don't like people who ruin their peace and quiet. You might not want to upset them.

If everyone moves to the country for their 10 acres, soon there won't be any country left.

New ordinance as of Jan. 1, 2023: Californians are banned from buying land in the area, per local charter amendment #03-021836. Penalties for non-compliance is a permanent ban from entering Texas.

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