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Obviously, some people just can't help themselves and start doing stupid things that ruin parts of the rural Rosanky that we have. That could be building a subdivision, putting in a solar plant, installing "security" lights that drown the dark skies, or cutting down trees for a sad little cookie-cutter "dream home" for some misplaced Austinite or Californian.


Let's take a moment to throw a little shame at the clueless people coming into our area and destroying our way of life.


The Range Subdivision

Here's a great example of a greedy, big-city developer coming to the area and simply destroying 50 acres of open farmland. Where cattle once roamed, we can now expect streets, light pollution, increased traffic, noise, and blocks of trashy trailer homes. How quaint.

For this, we have to thank KEMI Construction, (3004 Honey Tree Ln, Austin 78746) for this mess. 

Unscrupulous developers such as KEMI have zero care for our community, choosing to treat their project as a money maker, and they'll be gone as soon as the last lot is sold. Notice how no one from KEMI informed any neighbors of their impending destruction. The only notice we had of them coming to town was from the Bastrop County Commissioners Court, where KEMI was begging for a variance on county rules. There they are, already skirting our laws!


Let's be sure and show the owners of KEMI and their workers that they aren't welcomed here. They don't care about what they're doing to our environment, they don't care about our residents, they sure don't care about our property values, so let's make sure to not care about them.

When given the chance, let's all invite them to get the hell out of Rosanky!


Like all subdivision projects that move to the country, the first thing they do is bulldoze trees. Why does KEMI hate trees so much? Aren't trees a great marketing tool for your new housing community? But here we go again, another bunch of city slickers tearing up native vegetation to put in roads and housing pads. 

As soon as the trees are felled, they are burned, creating more smoke and pollution for the locals to deal with. Why do people move out to rural areas only to cut down all the trees? It fails to make sense. 

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